Upon awakening the other morning my mind began it’s usual bit of finding all the things I needed to do. It then went onto analyzing the parts of my life that I perceived as not quite right. This usually has something to do with someone not acting according to how I thought they should. Perhaps they didn’t call me back, or they said something that I perceived as a slight. While my mind and my vibration were gaining momentum in this negative spiral, I, the observer, the one who can connect to her higher self and choose another perspective, decided to do something right then and there about it.

I began by simply setting my phone timer for 20 minutes and clearing my mind through meditation. During that time, when the thoughts would come about the person, the disappointment, the hurt, I simply pictured that person standing in front of me. I then closed my eyes and began to imagine my heart center filling up with love. I recalled the love I had for my son, for my husband, friends and even my pets. Once that feeling was at its strongest I ramped it up even more by adding a beautiful color, it was my favorite-turquoise-) and allowing that color to fill up my heart center. As I saw my heart center overflowing with this powerful color and all the information it contained within it, I saw it leaving my chest, like a beam and entering the heart center of the person in front of me. Once it began filling up their heart center we were then connected. I sensed that as the beam reached out to them, they, in turn, sent it back to me, to my heart center. Each time it was sent back to me, I experienced even more love and connection.


This visualization was so powerful that all I could feel was pure love and acceptance for that person. They had the biggest smile on their face! I have to say that I shifted immediately and all the hurts and resentments lifted as I moved into this heart centered place.

So you might ask, why do that? From the old world approach it does seem to be a bit altruistic but let’s dive a little deeper. This “Love Beam” might feel just a bit like “praying for your enemy”. Personally, that never helped me a bit! Let’s go back to this idea of CARING how you feel. Have you ever thought about how all these judgments and hurts that you carry around affect you? How they affect your vibration and therefore your current reality? Once you get started, isn’t it hard to stop? And one negative thought attracts another and another. No surprise there, it’s a perfect example of the Law of Attraction and how it works. Like attracts like-so negative attracts more negative.


So how does it feel to see the other person as wrong? Momentarily satisfying perhaps but where does that get you? Into obsessive thought? Calculating what you will say or do in some imaginary future? What if you decided to feel free instead? Free from judgment, free from criticism –free from opinions around this subject? Wouldn’t that be a nice change?


How does it feel to be waiting for something to change in order for you to be happy? I’ll tell you how it makes me feel-POWERLESS. Like I am a victim and that life just isn’t fair. But there is another way. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts and giving your beautiful ego a little break. Just tell him or her to sit on the sidelines, you’ve got this, and move into the heart center. From this place you are connected first and foremost to your true authentic self. From here you can see the beauty in yourself, you who are this magnificent creation. You, a unique individual, expressing yourself in the most unique way. Once here it is so easy and freeing to see others in Love and Acceptance.


So I invite you to try this as a little experiment, start with something easy and small. Baby steps to freedom are all I’m saying…

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