Matrix Reimprinting is a way of using EFT with specific traumatic memories. Developed around 2010 by Karl Dawson in the UK, this technique has quickly spread around the world because of the profound level of transformation it delivers. Here’s the basic idea:

When we experience a trauma (which means anytime we go from fight or flight into the freeze response), a part of us splits off to contain the unbearable feelings so that we can carry on and survive.

This seems to be a natural protection mechanism that we share with all other animals – in the face of imminent death we go into shock. We dissociate from our body. This way we never fully experience the trauma, but on the other hand that part of us that splits off never stops experiencing the trauma.

For us it’s a memory, but for our younger self it’s a current event.

In Matrix Reimprinting we call this younger self an ECHO, which stands for Energetic Consciousness Hologram. It’s energetic in the sense that the younger self has no physical body – it lives in our local fields as part of the larger quantum field (the term Matrix was actually coined in 1944 by physicist Max Planck to describe the quantum field).

The ECHO has no body but it does have an independent consciousness. If you had a traumatic experience when you 7 years old for example, the part of you that split off still has that exact same 7 year old consciousness. You’ve lived through many years, gone through many experiences and learned many things. She’s still trapped in that original event.

The problem is that when something in your life now triggers that old memory, you may suddenly feel the 7 year old’s feelings. In a sense you’re being hijacked by the past. This is why we sometimes have a disproportionate reaction to events. Or we feel intense emotions that don’t really make sense – like fear or anxiety when nothing bad seems to be happening.

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